Building my brand - A colourful journey!

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After another really successful day at The Parsons Green Fair this week, I’ve been reflecting on how much I’ve achieved with Indigo Prawn over the last 9 years. It was gratifying and fulfilling that once again so many customers gave me such amazing feedback about my artwork and product range, particularly my vibrant colour combinations.

Many people who visit my stall or who follow me on Instagram possibly don’t realise that I am the designer and artist behind the brand. I’ve spent many arduous years creating new designs and building my homeware business which has been both exciting as well as daunting. At times there’s been a lot of self-doubt, wondering how my designs are going to be received, and whether anyone would buy into my brand. It’s very personal and frequently challenging, but also exhilarating, especially every time a returning customer tells me how much they love my bright colour combinations. This feature of my work is hardwired into Indigo Prawn, inspired by the light and colours of South East Asia.

I’m a trained Illustrator with a degree in Fine Art Illustration from the City and Guilds of London Art School, specialising in Printmaking. Colour has always been a huge inspiration to me and many of my earliest designs featured bright primary colours

From the start, my work also featured a lot of sea life, a theme I’ve always been drawn too because of being brought up in Cornwall. It all started with prawns! I designed a menu for the Fishmongers Guild, creating two circular designs both featuring prawns. They ended up becoming my best selling designs and the inspiration for the name of my company!

Here are a couple of colourful examples from my student days.








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