Who doesn't like al fresco dining!

Posted by Alex Johnstone on

Are you ready for the great outdoors?

What lovely weather we are having at the moment!  THANK GOD!  And as its warm and barmy outside its the perfect time to do a little dining al fresco!  There is nothing better than a good barbeque in the summer and with that napkins are a must! 


When entertaining it is always lovely to have proper napkins and ditch the paper!  So with that in mind let me introduce you to my Natty Napkins.  I designed them with fun and colour in mind.  Choose from a good variety of designs or you can mix and match, they all go together.  Maybe alternate them round a table or have a different design for everyone, in that way everyone knows where their napkin is!  

Whether its just for the family or for entertaining some friends, they are bright and fun and will make a real statement as well as a great little talking point.  

Just saying!

Take a look at my Natty Napkin selection


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